Monday, October 31, 2011

dwn 260 lbs

Hello you guys, I am down 260 lbs now... I am planning a meet up next summer her in Atlanta, Ga. for the ones that would like to come meet me. I would love to meet the people that have been on this journey with me. I have come a long ways and have a long road to travel to get down to 180- 200 lbs. I am still Medifast and loving it because they have help me come a long ways in my journey. I am going to start using kettle bells next week when working out. I also doing a chair dance video that a friend from face book sent me name Sandy. It is a great workout that I been using since my knees have been bothering me.

Goals –

Go to the Ga. Aquarium
Visit New Orleans
Get a car
Continue helping people
Next year walk in a cancer walk
Lose 100lbs in the within the next year
Continue reducing the size of my lymph edema
Walk a 2 mile with no problem none stop
Have a meet up in Atlanta, Ga.
Work on toning arms, strengthening legs, reshaping body