Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Starting something New

I will be starting the YMCA on Augusta 8 @ 6:30 am. This will be the start of something new for me. I have been wanting to get into a gym for the longest. I finally have a chance to do that. I went and got my Breeze card done the other day. I no long have to wait on others to take me places. The reasons for doing is to reshape, tone, strengthen and build muscles. I start doing squats last week I am trying to work my way up to doing 100 squats a day. I am also working on get at least 2 gallons of water down a daily. I have this great new app on my iPod and cell called virtual gym i do those routine every morning when i get up. They give me the boost I need to get my day going right. I also have been doing easy cycle, bands, walking, windmills, marching, air boxing, wall push ups and chair exercise. I am so looking forward to Monday so I can start working out at a gym.