Saturday, March 26, 2011


I got up early this morning to beat the rain and got a walk in. Then I did the steps in front on my building twice to help strengthen my legs and knees. I was playing on going back out before the rain came but it caught me doing my laundry. So I came back in the house and did my chair exercise for my legs that I was taught when I had physical therapy coming out. I used my resistant bands and easy cycle which was a task because my left arm is messed up been that way for a week now but i did not let that little pain stop me from future pleasure. So people please know that we must move move move no matter what. Our body need it to survive I notice that everytime I workout even if it just 10 minutes I just feel better about myself and can breathe better. When I just sit around my legs and body just ache but soon as I get up and get to moving I feel a lot better Mr. Wright said that is just my body telling get up and do something. So I do even if it just cleaning up my house it is still burning calories. My daily routine

-walking 30 minute or more
-easy cycle
-resistance bands
-dumb bells
-wall push ups
-chair exercise
-wii boxing

I will do this to help me gain strength in my body. Just have to do what I can until I can afford to go to a gym and workout with a trainer. I will find things around the house to use that does not cost a thing. I always have ipod on when working out so I will not Think about what I am doing much and can do it longer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I came to win!!!!!

I will love this song and I listen to it daily it is one of many songs that keep me in the right direction on my journey. Just wanted to share with you.


I am looking for to the next year of this journey that I am on. I have done an amazing jobs of losing 215 lbs in a year. I have 332 more pounds to go and I am ready for whatever comes my way. I will be even more determined to succeed because I love the way that I am feeling. So I can only imagine what's to come from this. I went from not leaving my house in years. A year later I have changed my life around I I finished my associates degree in Psychology, I have lost 215 lbs, found love Mr.Wright, working on my degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, I have my own place. (WOW what a year this have been) I will push myself even harder this year. I am making it my business to read bible, get in my water, exercise and stay on program. I know that God have been good to me so I must keep him first. What is next for me? I will let you know as things happen. I lymph edema have went down a good bit. (its still big but no where they size it use to be)2011 is the year for more success and I will knock down more road blocks nothing is getting in my way I CAME TO WIN!!!!!!! It feel so good to have this second chance at life and I will do whatever it takes to be happier and healthier. There are things that I plan on doing with in this next year like going on a vacation with Mr. Wright and my family. I want to start back driving this year. I will meet up with my sis Sylvia is a very sweet woman that keeps me on the right path. I also will like to say thanks to all my supporters because you all keep me motivated to continue this journey. I do not want anyone to go through what I went through so I enjoy sharing my story praying that it will help others or maybe even save some lives. So if anyone out there want to contact me you can find me on facebook (LaWonda Butterflylala Cooper-Wright) my email is I am here for you we can do this together you just have a strong support system. Please only surround yourself with positive people!!! Be safe and blessed!!!!

It have been a year!!!!

IT"S BEEN A YEAR.(YAY) Ihave lost a total of 215 lbs. It was more but due 2 the swelling in my legs & stress in my life it went up.I've regrouped & back on track. I have 332 more lbs 2 go 2 reach my goal. I lost 10 lbs this week. I know that I am doing great & looking forward 2 melting away the rest of the weight. I'm a BUTTERFLY, I'm shedding my cocoon(weight)!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Negative People thanks for MOTIVATION!!!

I am human we all will mess up, some stay down but LaWonda will always get back up! Please keep all your negative messages to yourself. I have my ups and down like anyone else. The different between me and others(you) is that I will not give up on myself and goals. I am still on the Medifast program. I was not on it as strict(2 weeks) as I was because of personal issues but I am now back on track. I have lost over 200lbs in less than a year. I have weeks where I do not lose weight but that is life. I will just push myself harder. I will never go back to the way I was last March. I will reach my goal of 200-180(long term goal) So why you are focusing on sending me crazy messages, what are you doing to better yourself? LaWonda Cooper is doing GREAT!!! I will not let the BS that you are sending get me down. Please believe that when it comes to what I need to do to save me(because I was giving a second chance) I am a BEAST/SUPER WOMAN.(I'm still standing) So instead of sending me message join the band wagon and better yourself. I have lost weight(still losing), regain independence, got an degree in Psychology, still in school and have my own place. So my question to you is what are you doing with your life?(besides writing me) Please get some business about yourself; your life will be much better if you just focus on SELF. One thing I do know is I'm doing something right, for you all to be willing to waste time out your day just to write me crazy messages. Thanks for your motivation to keep doing what I am doing!!! (LOL) I love it!! Have a safe and blessed day!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

61 days of Challenge left!!!

I have a 61 days of my 100 day challenge left, I had fallen off for a minute but I am back at it again. When you fall just get up dust yourself off and start again. I am having a lot of pain in my legs and they are really swollen right now but I have things that have to be done. I must get up and move move move daily!!! I've had ups and downs since starting the program but I never let it get the best of me. I know that I want to continue going in the right direction to having complete freedom from obesity and I will not go back to not being able to do for myself. I love being able to care for self and not depending on sister and mother to do everything for me. I still pushing and working hard to reach my goals of a healthier happier LaWonda Cooper. I know that is a lone road ahead and I am ready for that journey. I will continue to knock down the road blocks that get in my way.


-read bible daily
-drink a gallon water
-exercise an hour
-stay on plan 100%