Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thought dec 1 2013

Just waking up looking around and doing some deep thinking. Over the last three years I've had my share of ups and downs. I lost 296 lbs, lost my mom, had Jamiah, gained along with the retention of massive amounts of fluid. I Still remain standing through it all i will never allow it to break me. I have a plan and i know the goals that i will reach this go around. I may not have my mom here with me physically but i knkw she will always be with me spiritually. I have the determination and to drive to do this again and finish what i started years ago. This is for myself and Jamiah, she is all i got and i am all she have. I need medical attention  from someone that truly specialize in lymphedema and morbid obese people along with medical supplies that i can not afford because I'm on a fixed income and the have not approved me for medicaid. Which sad because myself like many others need the help and cant get it.  I need physical therapy, lymphedema manual massage therapy, a lift recliner chair and other medical supplies that will help me along the way. I cant just sit here and wait on the State to approve me so i will just make do with what i have now. I am so excited about this new way of eating it will be hard at first i know but i know the reward at the end is well worth it. Thanks for reading be blessed and keep praying for my healing i will not give up because I CAME TO WIN!

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