Saturday, March 26, 2011


I got up early this morning to beat the rain and got a walk in. Then I did the steps in front on my building twice to help strengthen my legs and knees. I was playing on going back out before the rain came but it caught me doing my laundry. So I came back in the house and did my chair exercise for my legs that I was taught when I had physical therapy coming out. I used my resistant bands and easy cycle which was a task because my left arm is messed up been that way for a week now but i did not let that little pain stop me from future pleasure. So people please know that we must move move move no matter what. Our body need it to survive I notice that everytime I workout even if it just 10 minutes I just feel better about myself and can breathe better. When I just sit around my legs and body just ache but soon as I get up and get to moving I feel a lot better Mr. Wright said that is just my body telling get up and do something. So I do even if it just cleaning up my house it is still burning calories. My daily routine

-walking 30 minute or more
-easy cycle
-resistance bands
-dumb bells
-wall push ups
-chair exercise
-wii boxing

I will do this to help me gain strength in my body. Just have to do what I can until I can afford to go to a gym and workout with a trainer. I will find things around the house to use that does not cost a thing. I always have ipod on when working out so I will not Think about what I am doing much and can do it longer.


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Anonymous said...

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