Friday, June 24, 2011


I've had some tough times. But i am Proud of myself for getting through it and staying true myself and not giving in to the negativity. This weight loss journey is far from easy. I struggle sometimes to keep pressing on. I never let it get the best of me. Daily i push through all the pain.Sometimes I still do not see the results I feel I should. I still I push!! I want to give up sometimes. I still push! I WILL NOT GIVE UP.. I CAME TO WIN AND I WILL MEET MY GOALS!!! WHAT ABOUT YOU?


Journey Girl said...

Hi LaWonda, it's your friend from I'm dying to know how your challenge is going! When are you going to post an update?? I hope you're well!

LALA2010 said...

Hey, how are you doing? My challenge is going great.. I will post my final weight loss and a new pic of me on September 1.. How are your journey going?