Monday, April 5, 2010


I, LaWonda Cooper, agree to commit myself to taking the following steps to improving myself physically, menatlly and spiritually so I can increase my chances for weight loss success:

I will daily:
1. Have my 5 medifast meals and my 1 lean & green meal.
2. I will exercise daily.
3. I will drink my 64oz of water or more.
4. Keep a record of my progress.

I will love myself enough not allow any slip ups to happen. I will find positive ways to comfort myself when I am going through things. When i am having problems i will do one of the follows:
1.Read the bible.
2.Contact a family member, friend or support buddy.
3.Contact my health coach.
5. Write what I am going through down.

I will no longer put others wants and needs before my own. I will forever be first in myself.I will not let what other do are eat keep me from doing what I know is right. This is life or death for me!! I will stick to this plan because I need to live. I will do things that are pleasing to me.

I will be in charge of my own decisions and behavior to becoming a healthy happier woman. I will ask myself what’s most important to me messing up on plan or living? At that moment I will make my decision that I am more important than anything could ever eat or do off plan.

I will surround myself with positive people that will support me on this journey. I will have positive thoughts about myself and love me for who I am. I will have not and will not let what others have to say keep me from doing what is best for me. I will keep a journal of all that I do so I can look over what I'm doing.

Thanks stay safe and be blessed!!!!!!

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mbm1forever said...

Great job, LaLa. I am impressed with your determination. Keep it up. Obviously, you have thought a lot about what and where you need to be. I admire that.